Its time to take control of your life! Start to own your choices regarding your body, your life, and begin to connect with yourself. We are amazing beings who each have an awesome system of life force and power. Stop looking for a quick fix, or someone else to determine your fate. I am bringing attention to owning your own power and taking responsibility for your life and your choices. I get a little overwhelmed with what I am seeing and hearing on social media about women’s rights and choices regarding our bodies and what “they will let us do” with it. Also I am a little frustrated with what we as women are expecting from others in order to determine our fate. If we make the choice to protect ourselves then we won’t have to worry about what our “rights” are. This is in regard everyday life and not about the extremes that we fear. Ok so what am I getting at? The PILL, women owning their cycle, and taking control of what we allow in our bodies! Women have a cycle, it determines when we get pregnant and when we don’t get pregnant. OMG I think this has become lost on us! Because so many of us are relying on something artificial to make the choice for us, and then getting mad when that choice is in danger of being taken away! That’s a serious dependency! Disconnect from this and take back your cycle; take back your body! When you regain ownership of your body; you will become aware of this cycle. And, no matter what your sexual preference or how many partners you choose to have, you are responsible for your body. You are responsible for what happens to it. I am not dismissing that things happen that are out of our control; I am talking about what we can control about our bodies and our lives everyday. We cannot live in fear that the worst is going to happen, or live in a constant state of emergency, because this sucks our life force and allows us to be manipulated and controlled. When you live in fear you give up your power. You can start to take back your power by simply connecting with yourself! This means becoming aware of your body, how you feel, and what you put in it. OWN IT! Take responsibility for your life and your choices, don’t live in extremes, and never let someone else make the choice for you.


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