We ALL have an Eating Dis-order

I love talking with people and listening to their stories; taking in another’s perspective and insights has been key to helping me understand myself and other’s. One thing that has been on my mind through my recent journey with reevaluating my relationship with food was what a woman said to me one afternoon. “Historically we have had very labor intensive occupations, and so our caloric intake had to be very high. Now, however a majority of people have very sedentary occupations, but still eat as though they are involved in a very labor intensive daily routine.” This stuck with me because it is true, its only one piece of the puzzle, but it is a large piece. The information era has done incredible things in the last 100 years, more so in the last 20 years, to make our lives less strenuous but in turn more sedentary. There has been a shift in how our brains work because we have so much more time. Not only are our life spans longer, but we have more “down time.” So this is the time to acknowledge that there has been a huge shift in how our time and energy is spent, and really take advantage of OUR OWN potential! We need to individually consciously start to change how we think, eat, and behave. With the invention of Social Media we are constantly bombarded with information about everything! So no wonder we are all confused and overwhelmed with what we should be doing in regards to food, nutrition, and health. A lot of this media has varying portrayals of looking a certain way, and how do we look this way? WITH WHAT WE EAT! It’s diet this, diet that, and magic pill this, supplement that; quick results promised. Another thing that we encounter is this whole YOLO, “life is short eat the doughnut,” what you eat doesn’t matter, mindset. It is a technique used to encourage us to give in to our ego and self-destruct. This is not realistic, this is not sustainable, and this is not healthy for mind or body. Here in lies the dis-order because we cannot determine what is real and what is long term. My mom always to me “everything is good in moderation,” this is my mantra. Go ahead and eat the doughnut; just not ALL the doughnuts. Have realistic expectations, be patient with yourself, listen to your body, find balance, educate yourself, eat food that makes you feel good, and diversify your diet. The best thing I have ever done (so far) was to get professional help. I worked with a professional who taught me how to eat, and in turn heal me from the inside out. The change happened on levels that I can’t describe, so deep, and even going back through my past memories of how I was trained to look at and feel about food. It was no quick fix, this has been a long journey, but also a life changing experience that will resonate through decades of my offspring. After this journey I feel different, I look at myself differently, and it changed the way I think. So, seek out and work with a PROFESSIONAL EXPERT who can assist you with learning how to eat, and what to eat in order to be healthy, happy, and feel good about YOU. Who are these experts; they are Nutritional Therapists, Chiropractors, Doctors of Natural Medicine, ect. They are people who have a degree or specific credential training in nutrition and supplements, know what they are talking about, and are here to help you!


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