Change is Difficult but Necessary

I have been in the health care, spa, hospitality, and service business for the past 10 years and have met thousands of people. What have I noticed they all have in common? Issues regarding thier relationship with food; whether it be over excersizing, sugar free, fat free, fad diets, or just plain overeating. Food is the foundation to our staying alive as organisms; THATS IT! However, we are social creatures and food is a social action. Somewhere in time we have learned to associate food with our emotions, our social status, and our self identity. Now we have so many diseases and disorders that we cant even pin point where they are stemming from. We self diagnose, self treat, and live in denial about what we are really feeling inside. Living in a world where body image and shaming is at the forefront of our existence. We have forgotten what our bodies are for and that the purpose of food is for fuel.Technology has made physical activity obsolete and the concept of productivity has to do with numbers on a screen; movement is now a luxury and eating “healthy” has become only a dream for those who have no idea how to eat. We have to take action to change, there is no easy way, there is no magic pill, there is no secret! It’s simply educating yourself about what food is for, and investing the time and energy into making yourself a priority. We cannot continue to follow this path of self destruction and unaccountability when it comes to the value of OUR life. I invite you to take action and receive support and encouragement in this journey. Lets start to heal our lives by choosing to enhance our health and well being!



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